Scientific name:

VASCULIGHT® varicose veins

Several treatment options are currently available to eliminate unesthetic varicose veins of the legs and face, but each method has inherent limitations. Non-invasive methods using intense pulsed light as well as laser treatments have proven to be effective in treating superficial telangiectasis (spider shape veins) of the face and legs, but have not been effective in deeper varicosities.


Removal of Varicose Veins with Laser.



Sex of patient:

Men and Women


A non-invasive procedure for removal of varicose veins, with the use of a laser (VascuLight®) varicose veins up to 5mm deep can be removed.

Effective Treatment of Large and Deep Varices with VascuLight®

The VascuLight® system, an extension of the versatile PhotoDerm® technology, integrates the full spectrum of PhotoDerm® intense pulsed light with a high energy pulsed laser (up to 150 J / cm2). Consequently, this apparatus is effective in treating larger (up to 3.5 mm) and deeper (up to 5 mm) blood vessels.