Allergy Unit

Allergy Unit

Allergic diseases are now more common than before. This is because old-fashioned synthetic cotton, linen or wool is worn. The use of pre-prepared foods with preservatives rather than natural ones; Cosmetics, and the large number of new drugs that have come on the market, cause more and more allergic manifestations by one or more of the aforementioned elements.

Since its appearance at the beginning of the century, allergy as such, forced the doctor to look for ways to determine their diagnosis and establish a treatment.

Undoubtedly, until the cause of the allergy is known, management may never be the indicated one. Hence the importance of establishing exactly what is causing a particular allergy..


In the desire for continuous improvement, man achieves indisputable advances, which we must know how to take advantage of our patients benefit, who are confident, deposit in us their desire to heal, that is why the Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery of Puebla-Allergy Unit Clinic wanted to be the first specialty source that would have the computerized QUIMIOLUMINISCENCE Diagnostic System, which solves all the problems mentioned, since with the extraction of blood (a single picket, the traditional 100 pickets are not required) is enough for the device to process the serum of the patient with different allergens, previously selected, according to the clinical picture and obtained in only 2 and a half hours the results with greater accuracy than those achieved with other known tests.

It should be noted that epicutaneous or patch tests are still useful for certain cases.

Immune Cellular Profile:

When a person frequently develops common warts, fungi, herpes simplex, or other infectious diseases, tests are performed to know the cellular immune profile and thus offer the appropriate treatment.


It is the antiallergic treatment based on vaccines, which can be prepared with aqueous allergens, obtaining a product of fast action or, elaborated with allergens in oil, obtaining products of delayed action.

Do not forget that any allergic disease requires the application of vaccines, if they are to be cured or at least to control the disease; Otherwise the patient consumes too much medicine that provides him with transient improvements.

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