ARTAS® Robotic Capillary Transplantation

ARTAS® Robotic Capillary Transplantation

This combination of robotic technology, along with digital imaging technology; Is the most advanced way that exists, to recover and enjoy a permanent and abundant hair.

The ARTAS procedure, allows doctors specialized in hair restoration, can transplant hair without obvious scars. This is possible by using advanced technology that selectively pulls the hair straight from the scalp.

You can get a plentiful, permanent hair without linear scar.

The Robotic Revolution for Hair Restoration is here ..!

Dermatological Clinic and Cosmetic Surgery of Puebla presents the latest technology of hair grafting. The first and only hair robot in Puebla that restores hair with cutting edge technology.

Discover the most advanced treatment in hair transplantation

ARTAS® Robotic System, using digital images and precision robotics, enables physicians with a high level of precision and control, unattainable by any other method.


ARTAS® Robotic System updates its coordinates every 20 thousandth of a second. ARTAS® Robotic System and its guided robotics by means of images, extracts follicular units to be transplanted with a level of precision of thousandth of a millimeter.

This means that you can keep the hair you have, while getting the hair you want.

How it works:

ARTAS® Robotic System digits and scans an area of the scalp to identify and search for each hair.

The hair is selectively extracted to maintain the good appearance of the donor area.

The doctor transplants the grafts in the desired area. Approximately six months later, visible results will be seen.


  • Ambulatory procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Without linear scar
  • wear your hair the desired lenght and style


The hair restoration procedure with a minimally invasive technique it offers natural, permanent results, and without leaving a linear scar.

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