How is the procedure performed?

We used an endoscope of 4 mm. diameter and 15 cm. of length. A mini video camera, light source and video recorder and a high resolution monitor.

The endoscopic approach allows performing Facial Rejuvenation also known as Rhytidectomy, through small incisions hidden inside the scalp, eliminating the big and annoying scars.

With surgery, the excess skin is removed and the muscles of the face and neck are lifted.

What Advantages Does It Provide?

Endoscopic Plastic Surgery reduces surgical trauma, bleeding and inflammation. Recovery is faster and less annoying. Endoscopic Surgery permits a clear and precise visualization of the surgical procedure, minimizing risks and complications. The application of this technique allows us to obtain excellent results and very satisfied patients since the scars are minimal.

It includes eyelids, facial flaccidity, chin and neck, forehead wrinkles, eyebrows and crow’s feet as well as wrinkles on the lips. It is made with CO 2 laser and diamond tip. Some patients are also given a slight elevation of the nasal tip as a small detail that contributes to give more youth to the face.


The edema of the face is the most serious inconvenience that must be endured by the patient, but it lasts a few days and by the second week is already able to show a new face.

After 4 to 10 years depending on the type of constitution of each person, this surgery must be accompanied by small adjustments that maintain the freshness and freshness of the complexion.

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