Nose Surgery

All nasal defects are correctable to a greater or lesser degree, always within reasonable limits; a large nose cannot be reduced to the discordant miniature with the rest of the features. The most common nasal defects consist of moderately large or bulging noses, or prominent back bones, and fortunately they are the easiest to correct.


This procedure is performed inside the nostrils so there are no external scars and depends on each particular case. In nose surgery, the thickness of the skin, cartilage, bones, and septum are managed. It is important to mention that it is a procedure both aesthetic and functional, depending on the patient’s case. The functional correction of the nose consists of arranging the turbinates and correcting the septal deviation. No plugs are used and no bruises remain.

Surgical Time:

1 hour.


It would be a temporary contraindication, any process that carries the risk of nasal congestion, such as colds or flu. Both the skin of the nose and its environment must be free of infectious processes.


Surgical intervention always carries a certain risk. Some of them will be discarded when we perform your medical history prior to the operation. Some of the complications are bleeding, bruising, prolonged inflammation, reactions to anesthesia, infection and recurrent deviation, nasal obstruction.


Nose operations are usually not at all painful. The only discomfort is that of not being able to breathe for 1 to 2 days by the nose. You may also have the feeling of breathing worse, particularly if you have undergone a nose reduction or the size of the nostrils. Until the tissue recovery period has not been completed, you may have this discomfort.
The usual activities can be resumed after only 10 days, when the splint is removed (unless you want to be seen with a splint on your nose, in which case you can go to work from the second day if your job does not require physical effort). By the time the 10 days have passed the swelling and bruising, if any appeared, they will have disappeared and the appearance of the nose will be quite good. Naturally, anything that could mean a blow to the nose for 30 days or exposure to the sun or heat by this time should be avoided.


Rhinoplasty is a safe and definitive intervention. If the result is the one you wanted, the nose will not present major changes the rest of your life. If your problem was respiratory distress, you will noticeably improve.

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