PhotoDerm VL/PL

Scientific name:

PhotoDerm V.L/P.L


Removal of Polka Dots and Spots


No Surgical

Sex of patient:

Men and Women


Through this procedure we remove moles, sun spots and age spots, they are removed with the use of a laser.

The PhotoDerm® system of intense pulsed light with a wide wavelength spectrum has been effective for telangiectasias and varicosities of the legs (depths up to 0, 1-2 mm.) Sclerotherapy is an invasive method in which injects a sclerosing agent into the vessel lumen to induce thrombosis and subsequent fibrosis. The success of sclerotherapy depends on the skill of the physician, and requires a very accurate technique to inject the agent in the precise place. On the other hand, many women dislike the idea of the needle and of having to receive multiple injections.

PhotoDerm V.L/P.L

Millions of people suffer from aesthetic problems that can be easily corrected. Sometimes painful or no aesthetic Varices and spider veins. The most frequent causes are heredity, pregnancies or standing hours. With the passage of time the veins of the legs begin to become visible.

Also, benign pigment lesions, which are nothing more than colored spots on the skin caused by increased production of melanin, a substance that makes our skin dark after sunbathing. (Melasma) are spots without pathological consequences that are usually present at birth (moles) or may appear with the sun or the passage of age (lentigos) and also after sclerotherapy.

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