Antiaging Medicine


With the discovery of the human genome, great changes have been made in medical treatments, one of which is to keep the organism in optimal condition with the use of protein-rich diets, exercise, antioxidant drugs, etc. An anti-aging program approved by the AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE has been established that allows the patient to maintain the functioning of the internal organs in an optimal state. This revolutionary method will allow people to maintain a better health in the future reaching the elderly in excellent physical and mental condition.

Factors that trigger disease and premature aging:

  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Active and passive smoking.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Stress.
  • Depressive states.
  • Consumption of canned beverages and conservatives.
  • Nitrogen food consumption.
  • Foods rich in saturated fats.
  • Consumption of fats of animal origin.
  • Urban settlement and industrialized areas.
  • Permeation of ultraviolet rays.
  • Contact with contaminated environment.
  • Environment (lead).
  • Electromechanical industry (cadmium).
  • Polluted urban areas (deficient oxygen percentage)
  • Deficiencies in respiratory mechanics.
  • Lack of dynamic exercises.
  • Lack of aerobic exercise.
  • Low fiber diets.
  • Lack of periodic medical examinations.
  • Correction of biochemical alterations.
  • Handle environmental situations that exist in a disorderly and poorly planned manner.
  • Lack of timely detection of pathological lesions.

Objectives of anti-aging medicine:

  • Extend life expectancy.
  • Improve Life Quality.
  • Avoid metabolic disabling (degenerative) diseases.
  • Prevent all deaths occurring before 50 years of age in both sexes.
  • Reduce the incidence of tumor pathologies.
  • Reverse metabolic, immunological and circulatory degenerative processes.
  • Activate functional, glandular, psychological, neurophysiological processes and physical and social self-sufficiency.
  • Integration into activities, labor, social and family.
  • Be productive again.
  • Achieve previously unachievable and impossible goals.
  • Be happy.

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