Vaser® Liposelection

Vaser® Liposelection

Vaser® is the FDA-approved trademark of an ultrasonic assisted fat removal and molding system, which uses sound waves to liquefy accumulated fat.


The Vaser ® technique is very similar to the traditional liposuction technique. The surgeon first injects saline solution containing a special medication to increase adrenaline in the area, reduce blood flow to the region, and constrict blood vessels and limit bleeding. An anesthetic is also introduced into the treatment area through the small incisions. This solution makes the fat tissue easier to remove and improves the results of the Vaser ® ultrasound to liquefy the fat.

Surgical Time:

It can last from 1 to 2 hours depending on the area you want to treat.


The most common side effects of this procedure are mostly temporary, such as numbness, bruising, swelling and tingling sensation. There is also the risk of pulmonary thromboembolism but to a lesser extent than in traditional procedures.


Two days of recovery are advised and after that the patient can return to normal activities. Like other liposuction surgeries, patients have to use compression girdles over the treated area for a month.


You will see visible and spectacular results in a short time with fewer bruises than in other techniques, and this type of technology allows us to eliminate larger amounts of fat compared to other treatments.


With this type of technology you can define the abdominal muscles, which gives us a more sensual appearance and a more toned figure, as well as you can do the transfer of fat to gluteus and breasts, defining the body figure.

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