Our Clinic has the most advanced facilities available for your comfort and safety.

We have the Plastic Surgery Units, Laser Treatments, Aesthetic Medicine Unit, Anti-Aging Unit and the Dermatology and Cosmetology Unit.

We use the most advanced surgical techniques in the world; one of them is the Endoscopic Plastic Surgery, which allows better results with smaller scars. In addition we have the highest technology in the sterilization of our rooms and surgical material: formaldehyde, germicidal lamps and filtered air conditioner (laminar bell) since it has been proved that at low temperatures bacteria, viruses and fungi are not developed, which puts us on a par with the best hospital in the United States and South America.

Operating Room

In the operating room, for the patient’s tranquility and control during surgery he/she can count with the most advanced equipment such as: cardiac monitor, oximetry, capnography, blood pressure and intermediate therapy monitors for the trans – post operative control and in general for the optimum state of the patient.

In this way the patient can go to a single place where he will find the best medical treatments, specialized drugs and the most advanced analysis that are required, with quality care.

Anesthesia is administered intravenously and through a computer called infusion pump, which is under the constant supervision of highly trained anesthesiologists.


For your recovery, you are treated in private rooms, which have bathroom, cable TV, heating and telephone among others, to make your stay with us more comfortable.

Regarding to our nursing, all our staff has a specific training in plastic surgery, so the care you receive will be professional, warm and personalized.

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